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Restaurant and Bar

Proper Restaurant and Bar Etiquette

You like to regularly visit restaurant and bar options near you and pay special attention to behave as appropriately as possible. However, you may not be aware of some etiquette situations that can be an issue if you aren't careful. The following advice should help to keep you out of trouble at the bar.


For example, you need to know that you should never reach over the bar, or you might end up with a very angry bartender. And tipping is essential, even if you're not drinking booze, as this cash helps keep the bartender financially solvent. Importantly, you should also pay attention to the type of bar you're visiting.


This last tip is essential because you may want to order a drink that is too advanced for some bars and end up embarrassing the tender. Likewise, you may order inexpensive drinks at a fancy bar and end up embarrassing yourself. Restaurant and bar etiquette tips like these ensure you don't run into these situations.

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